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Can i get a refund?

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I bought a 20G iPod with color display in July of 2005. It is still in the warranty.
A few weeks ago, my iPod stopped working. I followed all the troubleshooting steps but nothing worked.
I was wondering.. is it possible to get a full money refund for my iPod instead of getting it fixed??? I really want the full $300 back instead of a new/fixed iPod.
If it turns out that I have to get it fixed instead of getting my $300 back, is it possible to refund my money after it is fixed or replaced?
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The Best Answer

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that you can have it replaced with an entirely brand new ipod. It will be an upgrade because it will be the video one that is out now - you just pay the difference of $50 I think"
You're wrong. They will replace his fourth generation iPod with another fourth generation iPod.
"I know somebody who knows somebody whose ipod was around the same model as yours... and that is what happened."
No... That my friend, is called a rumor and it's not true. Sorry.