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Can assets be images of type jpeg,gif,Tiff,etc... ?

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I am working  on ES2.
I am able to take PDF file as form to the  my  process. Here  my  new requirement is   in addition to  pdf  I need to take all types  of  images
say jpeg,gif, and Tiff  as  input to my  process.  But I am not able to do that bcas Workbench only  takes *.pdf as input.
If you have other extensions  expect  pdf,  while   taking the asset into the  start activity, I  could  not  find that  file in the  application.
Please help me in this regard how  workbench takes  all image files as inputs into  the  process.

The Best Answer

Hi Scott,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes   I  have to use as image file as form  to the process.
I am using  Adobe LC ES2.
Let  me explian my  requirement :  I have  scanned image   and  need to use that image as input to the process i mean image as form  to the process.
I will invoke the process then  scanned image should come as form  in the  workspace .
Please help in this regard.