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CAD 7.5.8 on Windows 7

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Hi all,
Has anyone running CAD 7.5.8 on Windows 7 ? Any issues/concerns that you can share ? Thanks in advance !!!
I am currently running CAD 7.5.8 with UCCE 7.5.8 and all CAD clients today are running Windows XP sp2. I would like to find out if CAD 7.5.8 is compatible with Windows 7 as I will be migrating all client machines to Windows 7 soon. I looked at the release notes on CAD 7.5.8 but didn't find anything on Windows 7.
Thanks again !!

The Best Answer

Read the CAD Guide again - it's all there, although not that well explained.
On the Primary:
1. Backup the CAD LDAP (Directory Services) using the CDBRTool.exe
2. Backup the RASS using BackupDB.bat
3. Log out the Domain Admin and log in as the local admin
4. Run PostInstall.exe and make screen shots of the current config to help you later.
5. When you get to the Replication screens, remove replication
6. Turn off the Secondary now.
7. Run setup_761.exe
8. After install, the config tool opens, so enter the details using your screen shots. It doesn't matter that much because when you get to the end, you are going to import the config from the LDAP.
8. At the Recording and Statistics Database step, check the button “Restore recording metadata (BackupDB)” and use the “Browse” button to navigate to where you saved the RASS DB.
9. At the Restore Backup step, check the button “Yes” under “Do you have saved data?” and enter the Backup Folder Location
Press the Save button.
10. Cancel the Licencing Application if it pops up
Do the secondary in  a similar way.
Then back to the primary and set up replication on both LDAP and RASS. Make sure you are local admin.
Apply the 7.6(2) MR
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