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Business Objects XIR2 Materials

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<p>Hi,</p><p>I&#39;m new to this forum and Business Objects XIR2. Can any one provide XIR2 material. It will be helpful for me.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Gopinath.</p>

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<p>Hi Gopinath</p><p>What kind of content are you looking for?</p><p>You can find the developer library for all XI code documentation at:</p><p> </p><p>You can also find more documentation at:</p><p></p><p>Does this help? <br /></p><p>Rob Horne</p><p> </p>
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    <p>Hi,</p><p>I'm new to this forum and Business Objects XIR2. Can any one provide XIR2 material. It will be helpful for me.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Gopinath.</p><p>Hi Gopinath</p><p>What kind o

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    Post Author: Jon Webb CA Forum: .NET My headings and commands keep getting duplicated in Business Object XIR2 for Visual Studio 2005. It's hard to take a picture because screen capture closes the menu, but right now I have two "Crystal Reports"

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    Environment spec: Aix 5.3 Business Objects Xir2 Crystal reports Xi DB2 Tomcat Whilst scheduling a report from the CMC, there is a 'Schedule For' tab I am trying to determine how this option works, whilst scheduling for a selected group/users. I have

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    Hi Experts, We are currently using Business Objects XIR2 Infoview link in Internet Explorer 9 version. Now my client wants to  upgrade IE9 to IE11. Is it compatibility to Business Objects XIR2 Please let me know if we have any issue for upgrade to IE

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    Hi, I am facing a error Applet Java_Report_Panel Notinited when I want to create or edit a Web Intelligence report. The Current version of BO is XIR2. The version of Java installed on my machine is 1.6.0. Whenever, I try to create or modify a new rep

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    Hello - I have a typical issue with BO Infoview login screen where the system name is showing incorrectly. The value should be coming from the configuration from web.xml file but it shows a totally different name with no option to update it. I checke

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    Hello, We have recently acquired Business Objects XI r2 as we are in the process of migrating from Business Objects 6.5.1 We currently use BO 6.5.1 on a small scale using Business Query via excel to access a remote Data Warehouse. I beleive we will n

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    Hi all, i am planning to take up business objects certifications Can anyone tell me the prescribes books for the certification? i am able to find out the exam codes from persaon vue but no the Prescribed books can anyone pls guide me on this!! Thanks

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    We are currently using Business Object v5.1.2 and DB2 v8.2. As support of DB2 v8.2 is ending by March2009, we need to upgrade to DB2 v9.1.5. Can DB2 v9.1.5 compatible with Business Object v5.1.2?Hi Antonio, DB2 v9.1 is not supported with Business Obj

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    Post Author: packer817 CA Forum: Authentication I'm looking for someone who has Business Objects, SQL Server, and DTS packages experience in the S.E. Pa. area who may be interested in a contract to permanent opportunity. If anyone knows of anyone, pl