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BSI ConnectToDataSet...failed

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
We have a problem with the BSI, we had been getting a dump "RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE", I followed the SAP Note 1068271 for the debug, and the result is:
=Thu Jan 22 11:53:37 2009
=SAP AG, Walldorf - Business API for BSI TaxFactory 8.0
=RfcAccept called
=Mapping ABAP RFC_PAYROLL_TAX_CALC_US_80 to C function srv_Payroll_Tax_Calc_US_80
=Mapping ABAP RFC_HR_TAXLOCATOR_US_80 to C function srv_hr_taxlocator_us_80
=Waiting for ABAP function calls
=Running function srv_Payroll_Tax_Calc_US_80
=Loading import parameters
=Loading export parameters
=Loading internal tables
=Calling Payroll_Tax_Calc_US
=Running Connect_DB_Payroll_Tax_Calc_US
BSI dataset                  -> 110
Error String ->  7777 - [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
=RFC error
operation/code Connect_DB_Payroll_Tax_Calc_US
message See RFC trace file or SAP system log for more details
internal status
The RFC under sm59 is working fine, the error is on the connection to the Dataset according to the Debug log "ConnectToDataSet...failed".
I don't know what to check about the Dataset, could you please help me?
Best Regards

The Best Answer

Yes, it's correct.
I checked it's 8.0.
I think is a problem with the parameters under tf80server.bat.
REM for SAP trace debugging, uncomment below & see file
errors.txt in gateway working directory
REM C:\BSI\TAXFACTORY\tf80serverdebug.exe %*
REM else for usual operation
C:\BSI\TAXFACTORY\tf80server.exe %*
I don't know what is the "ODBC_DSN_NAME"
I have the user, password, the database name...
Best Regards
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