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Brand new Mac user with a brand new Mac problem!

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Hi Everyone --
I am a brand new Mac user... I've only had my MacBook Pro 13" for three days. My Mac has been continuously freezing while I use it. When it freezes I only have safari running so I know its not from application "overload". Once frozen, I cannot move the mouse, "esc" or use any commands. Essentially my only option is to force it to shut down by holding the power buttong down. Please let me know if anyone has any idea how to fix this! With school coming up I cannot afford for my computer to be freezing every 20 minutes!
Thanks in advance.

The Best Answer

Well... I'd still take it back - let them know that you received it as a gift three days ago. They may still replace it for you or they may take it in for repair. Just be nice and explain that you don't expect a new MBP to function as it is (or malfunction) and let them, at least, run diagnostics on it. As it's so new, there may be something simple that they can fix as you wait. Did your boyfriend already register the machine with Apple or did you? They may take the registration date into account...
But I'd take it to the Apple Store, regardless...