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BP ERP05 COMMON PARTS 1.0 required for ESS/MSS?

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Is BP ERP05 COMMON PARTS 1.0 required for ESS/MSS 603? the link below talked about how to deploy ESS/MSS, it does not mentino BP for common parts
but in the linke that talks about how to get rid of mismatch for ESS/MSS, it has BP for common part listed
I looked at online help for this BP, it says it is for system asministrators, but looks like it also have business functions listed in the iview.
I'm confused - to use ESS/MSS 603, do I really need BP ERP05 COMMON PARTS 1.0?
Jane Zhou

The Best Answer

The MSS business package uses objects from other business packages. These objects are listed in the Shared Objects in This Business Package section. If you want to use these objects, you must also implement the relevant business package.
If you are planning to use any of the shared objects - then you will need the BP for Commom Parts as well.
Also, the BP for common parts connects different shared services between ESS and MSS - for you to be able to use both of them in conjunction.
Without installing the BP for common parts, some components might not work properly.
Hence It is recommended to install this BP along with ESS and MSS.
Hope that helps !!
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