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Bought battery for ibook G3 but won't charge up?

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Hi, my original battery for my iBook G3 600 was almost dead so I bought a replacement. I have been using the battery only for about a week now & charged it up only a few times. Everything was fine until last night.
I put the ibook to sleep until this evening, when I tried to boot up I got nothing? There is a slight wirr in the background but no screen?
I decided to test the iBook with my old battery as there was still a little life left in it. The ibook then booted up no problem?? I dont understand it?
Can anyone help me with this problem? Be much appreciated...

The Best Answer

The green light means the battery isn't charging. When everything is running right, this means the battery is charged but when things aren't working right, it simply means the battery isn't charging (for whatever reason).
These are the four most common possibilities when the battery will not charge:
(1) there is something wrong with your battery
(2) there is something wrong with your power adapter
(3) there is something wrong with your power input board (the part that contains the port where you plug in the adapter)
(4) there is something wrong with your logic board
In your case, since you've already replaced the battery, eliminating it as the problem, it is likely either a bad power adapter or a bad power input board.
Do you know someone with a known good adapter, or could you take it in to an Apple Store to have them check it out to see if another adapter will charge the battery?
The power input (DC-in) board (the part of the computer which houses the adapter port) may be going bad if it sometimes will charge the battery and sometimes won’t. Sometimes it will work intermittently before quitting entirely. When a DC-in board quits working, the computer will run fine from the battery, but won't run from the adapter, and the adapter will no longer charge the battery. To diagnose a bad DC-in board, you need to make sure it isn't the battery or the adapter at fault by swapping out first one and then the other, If it runs from a known good charged battery okay, but won't run from a known good adapter, then you are going to have to replace the power input board.
Usually, if it is a logic board problem, the iBook simply will not run from the battery. This happened to mine. The battery showed up in the battery status indicator. It was recognized by the computer and charged by the adapter (as shown by the battery status indicator). However, when I unplugged the adapter from the iBook, it was just like pulling the power cord from the wall on a desktop. The iBook immediately shutdown. Dead.
My husband’s problem was quite obviously the power input board because the adapter tip had broken off in the port. Often (and, sadly, in our case), this damages the power input board so that it no longer functions, necessitating replacement of the board as well as the broken adapter.