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Body of email displayed is not from the sender in the header

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I could not find anything about this in a search, and a visual scan of the discussions.
After two weeks of being shut down (vacation), and occasionally during that time accessing email through dotMac, I encountered the following when I restarted my home desktop.
Some of the emails have a body and a heading that do not match. The body, whether HTML or Rich Text, is clearly from a different email than the header. And, to emphasize, this is not ALL the email, only SOME of them (I cannot discern a pattern here!).
The same emails display just fine through the online dotMac Safari window, the body being from the corresponding sender (I keep them stored on the server).
So, something happens to SOME of the emails when downloading from the server to my computer. This body/header incongruity still happens to SOME emails that come through now, days after the initial restart.
Perhaps related - there were a lot of emails to download/sync. Mail crashed OFTEN until the accounts synced with the server. (I sent MANY crash reports to Apple). I worked through dotMac Mail in Safari to delete/read/respond/etc.; Mail finally quit crashing when the number of new emails was greatly reduced.
Observations? Solutions? Please Help!

The Best Answer

No, I have never had a response that even offered a suggestion until just today. The problem never "self-corrected" - even though I use IMAP, those emails, when displayed on my computer had the incongruity between the header and the body as I described.
Since it has been up and going, all subsequent emails have been OK. It was just that initial restart/sync after the desktop had been shut down, for several weeks, and I had accessed the mail online while gone.
I see there is a post after yours about trashing the plist. Maybe I'll try that, but it seems to not be an issue now.