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Blackberry Q10 - Deleting Duplicates in Contacts Folder

Update:12-05Source: network consolidation
I have a Blackberry Q10.  In performing my first sync with my Blackberry Curve 9330, I ended up with many duplicate entries in my Q10 contacts file.  Is there a quick and easy way to eliminate these duplicate entries?
Thank you for your help. 

The Best Answer

It is pretty easy. Restore all of the contacts to your phone. Change the contact storage to google. Log into Gmail and you can either merge or eliminate duplicates, leave your phone set to sync to google and never worry about it again.
with Verizon BUA or Cloud, you will run the risk of not all of your contacts being synced and or backed up to numbers within being mixed up to duplicates and triplicates.  Before you do anything though make sure they are actually duplicates as BUA/Cloud has a habit of making 3 contact entries for people with 3 numbers