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Black screen says no operating system

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i have a MacBook pro set up with dual operating systems with bootcamp i was stuck on the windows operating system now all that is coming up is a black screen that says missing operating system when i turn it on. i am no computer whiz so im going to need a step by step solution and for you to talk to me like that computer illiterate idiot i am

The Best Answer

Shutdown your MBP, if necessary by holding the on/off button until it is shut down.
Start up while holding the Alt(Option) key.
Then you will see the available startup disks, maybe just one.
Start from OSX because your bootcamp installation obviously failed.
After you have started up,, go to the System Preferences <startup disk> and click the OSX disk as your startup disk (do NOT use "Tarrget Disk Mode"), leave the System Prefences.
Reinstall the Bootcamp Partition.