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Bit locker drive encryption failed due to power failer and hard disk corrupted

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I ran Bitlocker drive ecryption drive D. My pc is windows 7 ultimate, while it was in progress of 1% due to power failer the encryption failed, when power resume the drive didn't showed the file format nor the size but it shows the size in disk management.
It showed like this in My computer
I do Have the recovery code password and back of recovery password so I ran the "manage-bde-_unlock D:-rp[my code ]
and my pc got hang  no other option rather than to press the restart button. 
then I used commang "repair-bde -force D:I:-rp[my rp] and following info showed but it stucked in 1% about 8 hours, and there was no increase in the pecentage
I also connected the hardisk to mac but all othe partation showed but didn't showed the encrypted one.
I had lots of memorable picture and other backups so any one kindly help me to get out of this problem. Thanks for help

The Best Answer

The BitLocker encryption and decryption processes can be interrupted by turning the computer off, and it will resume where it left off the next time Windows starts. This is true even if the power is suddenly unavailable.
Bitlocker-repair (repair-bde)  tool
can't repair a drive that failed during the encryption or decryption process.
In addition, could you please explain a bit for what drive you are trying to deal with? external one?
When you first restart your PC, have you seen any signs that indicate that the encryption is in process?
Regarding your scenario, please take a look to see if the following articles could help here:
Scenario 11: Recovering Data Protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption (Windows 7)
Besides, when running manage-bde command, did we followed the steps mentioned in the below article?
Scenario 14: Using a Data Recovery Agent to Recover BitLocker-Protected Drives (Windows 7)
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