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Best way to access Aperture Library?

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I have a MacPro [2008, 2.66ghz, 1.33ghzbus; 17G ram] w. 4 bays- a 1T drive in one bay is allocated to Aperture and my startup main drive is 1T and has 600G empty. I want speed & ease of access to my Library & so far have found that because it's on another internal drive, it's not all that speedy.
Would I benefit from moving the Library to the Startup Drive and working with and accessing it from there or keeping it on the other drive and doing something else? What would be a good way to go [the Library is now at 600G but contains lots of dups so I'm working my way thru cleaning it up and expect it'll be closer to 400G when through if not less]

The Best Answer

On using referenced masters, Here's what you do -
Instead of trying to copy them and maintain the folder structure in the finder yourself... Use the normal old aperture import window.
Where it says "store files in the aperture library" - change it to a folder that you want to contain all your RAWS, and then use the "subfolder" dropdown to choose a subfolder structure. Aperture will automatically load the raws into a folder structure for you... Thus you will never need to worry about it, and you can use the same workflow as you would if you were storing the RAWs in the library.
I use "project name/" because I shoot weddings and never shoot more than 9999 shots per project.
This way when It is time to archive a project, it is easy for me to move the Masters offline to an archive drive, but keep the previews and the library online for me to look at if needed.
If you wanted to replicate iphoto's folder structure, you could do that too - just set up the subfolder structure to be "year/month/day".
It's very powerful... and seamless as well.