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Best Use of one SSD  for cache drives

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hello...  Months ago I added two Physical  Momentus XT drives to be used  as Cache only drives:  One as a Cache disk, and one as a Cache Database disk.  This is the only function these drives do...
Doing this really sped up large session loads...
I'm going to be getting one SSD soon, and was wondering.... Of the Two Caches....  Cache, or Cache Database...
Which would benifit the most from an SSD over a hybrid hard drive??
Seeing that the Controller is a 3Gb/sec controller only....  That's why I used two separate Cache disks..
Now that I'll have the benifit of a SSD speed over a Hybrid Drive (Faster Reads only)... Should I combine both in the SSD or still keep them separate?
Thanks!    Jan

The Best Answer

I have replaced 2 Momentus XT drives (One with Media Cache, and other with Cache Database)  with 1 Samsung 840 SSD, which has 2 folders: CS6 Cache, and CS6 Cache Database.
Prior to pulling the drives, I tested the time it took to load a 45 min 1080i AVCHD session that had over 400 scenes, 600 2k JPEG's and about 25 pieces of music.  From clicking on the session to load, until "All Media Loaded" took about 34 seconds (This is with the Cache's on separate Hard drives).  Shut system down, pulled the two drives, added the one SSD drive, power up, formatted the drive and added the above mentioned folders...  Then launched PPRO and pointed the Media Cache and Cache Database at these new locations... Then launched the 45 min session, and walked away while it created the data locations, peek files, etc, to the new SSD Cache Drive folders.
When It was finished, I closed, rebooted the system, Launched PPRO, and timed from the Click on the session, till the end of "All Media Loaded"...     19 seconds...
Will be watching this intently......  
EDIT:   SO far, I'm happy with the change.... I am interested in anyone else who has done this sort of thing before.... and in paticular, if you found any negatives of putting both cache's on the same physical drive, even if it is a SSD....
I did find my prior notes, and going from Cache's on raid (Different directory than media, though media was on same raid) to separate Momentus XT Drives decreased load time of this same 45 min project by ~ 15 seconds..
$$$ Available was only enough for one SSD, and I'm not certain if multiple SSD's for cache's would be worth the $$.... Which is pretty much why I posted here....
Looking forward to your comments...
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    Hello...  Months ago I added two Physical  Momentus XT drives to be used  as Cache only drives:  One as a Cache disk, and one as a Cache Database disk.  This is the only function these drives do... Doing this really sped up large session loads... I'm

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