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Batch uploading multiple projects from Aperture 3 into sets on Flickr

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I'm a new Aperture user (ex iPhoto) and imported all my photo's into Aperture. Like many of you here I sort my projects into folders locally in format year-month-date - title.
Now I've imported all these folders (around 450) at once and each local folder is nicely imported as a seperate project. So far so good.
In the past I've started syncing all these folders to Flickr sets through the Flickrs uploadr (manually creating each folder, tagging etc). Aperture has Flickr syncing build in which is great, but it seems like I can only sync one project at a time. When I select multiple projects the flicks icon turns 'unavailable'. Does anyone now is this can be done?
And secondly is there a way to format the title of each created set (through Apple Script which I don't now anything about?) or is it perhaps built into Aperture?
Thnx for the help!

The Best Answer

Oh, baby! This bad boy flies!! Here's what to expect:
I had 40,000 images in Aperture 3 and it was dog slow at everything. I installed 3.1 update today. It took 5 minutes to update the database and then behaved marginally better than before at ASIC library navigation. I was disappointed.
Then I QUIT the app. It took a couple of hours to "update files for sharing" with a counter that went to 110,000 images. So it must have updated every thumbnail and variation of preview. Turned it back on , and BAM. Came up fully in seconds. Paused for 10 seconds ten everything was lickrty split. For the first time ever, I can use the Projects view with all 791 projects and scroll quickly. I even put it in photos modevand whipped thru all 49,000 images!
Haven't done anybprocessing yet, but i'm liking it!!