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Batch Resizing within Aperture?

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I shoot 400-600 images a day, thus I'm beginning to run out of hard drive space. I don't want to create a new vault of pictures on an external drive.  I'm willing to reduce the overall size of my photos in order to create some space on my drive.
I'm at a loss how to batch resize groups of images in Aperture. It was an easy function in iPhoto.

The Best Answer

Spuds\'n\'Surf wrote:
I don't want to skip a step, lose sharpness, image cropping/adjustments, or mess up my project/folder/album file structure in this process.
What's the best way to do this and can it be done safely en masse? (We're talking about 120,000+ images)
You just perfectly described a Referenced-Masters workflow. It works great for 200k+ images, the Library with its Previews lives on the internal drive and is always accessible. Masters live on external drives. The Library is backed up via Vaults and originals are backed up to redundant locations using the Finder before import into Aperture.
Personally I have images managed on the internal SSD until editing is complete then convert to Referenced-Masters.
IMO referenced Masters make far more sense than building huge managed-Masters Libraries.
• Hard disk speed. Drives slow as they fill so making a drive more full (which managed Masters always does) will slow down drive operation.
• Database size. Larger databases are by definition more prone to "issues" than smaller databases are.
• Vaults. Larger Library means larger Vaults, and Vaults are an incremental repetitive backup process, so again larger Vaults are by definition more prone to "issues" than smaller Vaults are. One-time backup of Referenced Masters (each file small, unlike a huge managed-Masters DB) is neither incremental nor ongoing; which is by definition a more stable process.
Managed-Masters Libraries can work, but they cannot avoid the basic database physics.