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Batch change colorsync profile

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I have moved an iPhoto library from a PowerBook to an iMac. For all photos I had the Color LCD colorsync profile embedded, which looks good in the PowerBook but washed-out in the iMac. I now embed the sRGB profile for new pictures, but I would like to batch change the old ones. Snow Leopard has an Embed script that will change the profile. Would it be safe to show contents in the iPhoto Library and drag the folders containing the old photos onto the script? Apart from Modified and Originals do I need to do this for other folders?
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The Best Answer

You could apply the new color profile to the original and modified files and iPhoto would see them when you opened iPhoto the next time. However, unless do you the same for the thumbnails the thumbnail will not display the sRGB profile while the original or modified will.
Select an event to test on. The hardest part will be finding a modified version since the subfolder in the Modified folder will often be just have the date modified as the folder name. What you can do is convert the originals and thumbnails and then do a Revert to Original for all the photos and that will get rid of the modified files that weren't converted.
NOTE: That's the only change/edit to photos you can made from the Finder to the contents of the iPhoto Library. Any other type of change/edit will mess up the library.