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Bash script aid - 'value too great for base' error

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
The error is:
/home/scripts/others/polysleep: line 15: 60 - ((((((08: value too great for base (error
token is "08")
Here's the script (it's an alarm for naps of different lengths) :
if [ $UID != "0" ]; then
echo "You must run this script as root." 1>&2
TIME_SET=`date +%M`
while [ "1" -lt "2" ]
DATE=`date +%k:%M:%S`
MINUTE=`date +%M`
// The offending line:
REMAINING=$(($DELAY - (((((($MINUTE + 60)) - $TIME_SET)) % 60))))
// I want it to show how long is left before the time is up (ie. it subtracts the time that has
// passed from the $DELAY that was set). Since it's in minutes, I need to do the arithmetic
// in modulo 60 (the '% 60' bit) - I tried this initially without the '+ 60' above, but got the
// same error as I've posted, and thought that initially plus-ing 60 to $MINUTE (the
// minute section of 'date' at the current time) would solve it. Apparently that hasn't
// worked though =o(
echo "1. I'm awake"
echo "2. I'm going for a nap"
echo "3. I'm going out"
echo Current Time: $DATE
echo Time Remaining: $REMAINING minutes
read -t 1 -e input
if [ "$REMAINING" = "0" ]
play -v .15 /home/.sounds/alarm.mp3&
TIME_SET=`date +%M`
if [ "$input" = "1" ]
TIME_SET=`date +%M`
elif [ "$input" = "2" ]
TIME_SET=`date +%M`
die centericq
elif [ "$input" = "3" ]
TIME_SET=`date +%M`
I'd be grateful for advice, since apart from that error popping up after some time has passed, the script runs flawlessly.

The Best Answer

Komodo wrote:
This is from … 2/044.html , and explains it better than I could:
"bash allows you to perform arithmetic expressions. As you have already seen, arithmetic is performed using the expr command. However, this, like the true command, is considered to be slow. The reason is that in order to run true and expr, the shell has to start them up. A better way is to use a built in shell feature which is quicker. So an alternative to true, as we have also seen, is the ":" command. An alternative to using expr, is to enclose the arithmetic operation inside $((...)). This is different from $(...)."
Yeah, I knew that already. But what I meant were the extra paranthesis you're using. This is the calculation the way you do it:
REMAINING=$(($DELAY - (((((($MINUTE + 60)) - $TIME_SET)) % 60))))
But this is totally adequate:
REMAINING=$(( $DELAY - (( $MINUTE + 60 ) - $TIME_SET ) % 60 ))
Notice the 6 vs. 2 brackets in front of $MINUTE?
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