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Bapi_pr_change with blocked field

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I blocked the purchase request when i created it.
Now I need to open it via the Bapi_pr_change  ,so I filled the following fields:
<b>Import:NUMBER = my number
Tables:PRITEM  :PREQ_ITEM=00010 , REQ_BLOCKED =(none),
REQ_BLOCKED ---> This field can get '1' for blocking and nothing for non blocking.
I generated the bapi with commit and i got a return that it has been changed,but when i looked in the ME23N -->nothing ,the same as it was.
The other fields such as short_text and etc. works well.
Please let me know the reason for that.(I tried even to block with '1' and nothing,and with the reason (text) via the bapi_pr_change )
Thank you,

The Best Answer

Bapi_pr_change is used for PR so you go to transaction code ME52n and see the changes you will get.
You are looking into PO that is whay you are not able to see the changes.
If you are doing for PO then use    BAPI_PO_CHANGE and proceed and then look into ME23n.
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    Hello, I blocked the purchase request when i created it. Now I need to open it via the Bapi_pr_change  ,so I filled the following fields: <b>Import:NUMBER = my number Tables:PRITEM  :PREQ_ITEM=00010 , REQ_BLOCKED =(none),           PRITEMX:PREQ_ITEM

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