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Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 004 not filled (GLT2201)

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Hi Friends,
While MIRO transaction I am getting following error message -
Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 004 not filled
Message no. GLT2201
I checked document splitting configuration is as follows -
Related GL is added for document splitting, Configuration at document type level RE>0300>001
Business area - mandatory field.
This GL is CENVAT GL account. And while doing MIRO, business area field is blank for this GL
Could anyone help me out?
Nilesh Joshi

The Best Answer

Very Good morning.. Barbara,
I have configured document splitting as follows -
1) Classify Document Types for document splitting-
Document type-RE
Business Transaction-0300 (Vendor invoice)
Variant-001 (Standard)
2) document splitting rule -
Business Transaction-0300
Item Category-03000 ((Vendor)
3) Define Business Transaction Variants -
Business Transaction-->0300
               Accounting Transaction Variant-0001
                                Item category assigned-01000
                               01000  Balance Sheet Account
                               01100  Company Code Clearing
                               01300  Cash Discount Clearing
                               03000  Vendor
                               05100 Taxes on Sales/Purchases
                               05200  Withholding Tax
                               06000  Material
                               07000  Asset
                               20000  Expense
                               30000  Revenue
                               40200  Exchange Rate Difference
                               80000  Budget
Please let me know if i have missed any configuration part or something. I have stuck due to this problem .
Any help would be highly appreciable.
Thanks in advance ..Barbara.