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BADI/BDT Event to Update Zfields into BUT000

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I am looking for updating newly added Z fields of BUT000 table to databse.
I got confused to two different solutions, as BADI and BUPT Events. Anyone suggest which is the right one. I have used BUPT Control- Screens to enable the Z fields under business partner BP. But got stuck in the next step which we need to update the values from screen to database.
Can anyone throw some inputs on how to use BADI BUPA_GENERAL_UPDATE or BUPA_GENERAL_EXPORT?? or the SAVE Event. Need your valuable inputs.
Its a bit urgent to me..pls.

The Best Answer

Hi Manohar,
You had probably created another thread in the ABAP forum for this.
BDT Events / BADI
which has been solved.
Please close this thread.
Thanks, Debasish