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Backing up and restoring an old/classic 80gb ipod

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I have an approx. 6/7 year old 80 gb ipod classic. I have a laptop running Windows 7 and the latest itunes software. I would like to back up my itunes library to a portable external device which I have yet to buy. I have approx 20 GB of music and 40Gb of TV/films. i will also be backing up some documents which will take up a lot less memory.
I currently do not have my library backed up anywhere. My ipod is too old to use apples's icloud.
Could you advise what backing up and eventually, restoring looks like? Do I simply copy the itunes folder in my Library and paste it into the external device?
And then if my laptop breaks/is stolen - how do I transfer files to a new laptop?
My experience is that you have to open each individual file from the windows library for it to appear on the (new) itunes library. With 4,000 songs - that isn't very practical.
Is there anything else I should consider for this process? I plan on buying something like a 120GB device.
I have a Nexus Google 4 smartphone bought this year. It seems to have stored some of my itunes music library in Google Play but not all. I'm not sure how this happened.

The Best Answer

If you use iTunes to restore an iPad currently under an older iOS version and the iPad is qualified to run the newest available iOS version, the iPad will be updated to the *newest iOS version*.
However, if your reset the iPad on the iPad itself (under Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings), it will remain at it's currently installed iOS version.