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AVCHD strategy

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PLEASE HELP!!! I just ordered a HF100 and am trying to devise a record/archive/playing strategy. Will this work?
Buy several 4 Gig SDHC cards.
1. Fill 4 Gig SD card with vid
2. Use iMovie to import, edit and save on DVD-R or +R for Sony Blu-ray player playback in HD.
3. Back up the same 4 gig card using DiscUtility with a 4 gig disc image and burn to a 4-gig DVD-R or +R.
4. Play back said DVD-R or +R on my Sony Blu-ray player if I want to.
The idea is fill 4-gig SD cards, then offload them to cheap 4 gig DVD-R. These can be used later for editing or quick playback in Sony Blu-ray player. I know I'll only get 1/2 hour of vid, but that's fine. I usually shoot short performances and sequences.
I'm pretty sure the newest version of toast will make this easier, but is it necessary?
Just looking for a Mac solution as I don't have a PC. Thank you Mac Users! I couldn't find a simple step-by for making AVCHD vids on a mac! THANK YOU !!!!

The Best Answer

When you connect your camera and open imovie 09 it gives you the option to "Achieve" the original files.............I send mine to a portable hard drive, do this before you start your editing.