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Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
When I start-up a program called Automator flashes a message that my Brother Printer HL-3040CN can't be read as it is corrupted.
1st I don't know where Automator came from although I do have the MacKeeper program installed and the Icon is similar.
2nd The Brother Printer was updated from Apple and this Automator message only has appeared since then.
Can anyone tell me how to either correct the "Corrupted" Brother file or put a stop to this message flashing up each time I turn the iMac on?
The Printer works fine when needed.

The Best Answer

It's impossible to do this without any script in Automator.
Use this AppleScript script :
set source to choose folder with prompt "Select the source folder"
set anotherfolder to choose folder with prompt "Choose the another folder"
tell application "Finder"
    repeat with tfile in (get files of source)
        set cDate to creation date of tfile
        set findFiles to (files of anotherfolder whose creation date is cDate)
        if findFiles is not {} then
            set tName to name of tfile
            set name of item 1 of findFiles to tName
        end if
    end repeat
end tell