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Automation testing Flash 8

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Our project is currently faced with having to build an
automation testing framework for our flash games. We are currently
using Flash 8, flex, and ActionScript 2, but we are wrapping
everything for easy transition into Flash 9 and AS 3 as soon as it
is released.
The challenge with most industry products like QTP (mercury)
is that they cannot programmatically interpret Flash UI elements.
QTP 9.0 professes to have compatibility to Flex 2 through MXML, but
we are not using MXML because it severely limits the productivity
of our designers.
Our flash framework is abstracting all interactive visual
elements into a component library, so that all versions of a
particular game are forced to use the same UI element IDs (for
example: the spin button for a slots game). This allows us to
implement automation testing scripts that refer to that button ID
and not the bitmaps x,y location. So, for any variation of this
game, including localization and branding, i have the luxury of
using a single script to do my functional testing.
Here is the problem however. What technology exists out there
that will allow me to do this? The flash community is huge and i
find it hard to believe that my research has yielded very little on
this topic. I've come across things like MSs Active Accessibility,
but i'm not convinced QTP 9.0 can implement this interface to read
Flash UI elements. I have looked at an open source tool called
AutoTestFlash, but i'm not confident it is robust enough.
Anwyay, what are you guys using to test your flash
applications? Have you automated these tests? Is it bitmap x,y
based, or have you attempted to do what i am proposing above? If
so, what technologies exist out there in the internet ether that
can help us all save time in the QC grindstone? :)
Thanks in advance,

The Best Answer

You can try to test the movie using flash player 8, but more
than likely code from flash 6 will not be parsed correctly using
the flash player's engine. You can always uninstall flash player 8,
install a lower flash player and then test it, but that seems like
more trouble than what it might be worth.
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