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Automatic Payment Program - issue

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When we are executing the foreign currency payment through F110 we are getting the below issue.
Company code currency: INR
House bank (for example Citi Bank) and APP customization is already for local payments. Now we have done customization for foreign payments. steps are as mentioned below.
1. SET UP PAYMENT METHODS PER COMPANY CODE FOR PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS - here we selected "foreign currency allowed"
2. SET UP BANK DETERMINATION FOR PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS - under BAN ACCOUNTS - we have customized as mentioned below.
House Bank            Payment method          Currency         Account ID           Bank sub-account
CITI                                   C                              USD              CITI1                      212002
3. Payment method is assigned to VENDOR.
when we are running F110 that time when we are selecting the above payment method and account id that time system is throwing the below error message.
"Only the following accounts can be used: 000"
This "000" is the Account ID for local payments. when i select this Account ID then system is allowing the payment but when I am selecting the Account ID "CITI1" (which is having USD currency) that time it is throwing the above error.
So friends can you please share your thoughts on this issue.
Thanks in advance.
Rams N

The Best Answer

I"m not sure if I understood all you have done but I'll try to explain:
The payment program, in bank determination-bank accounts,  can only                        
assign one account id for every house bank, payment method and currency.
So,  this means that for one payment method in one of your house-banks                        
you can only use one account ID.    
In fact, there are bank account checks are processed at document level and the         
functionality of changing the bank account at payment document level       
is not available in the standard system.                                             
On the other side, you have the opportunity to define a second and                   
third house bank with the same bank key to meet your requirements.
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