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Authorization settings for BI in RSSM

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Hi SDN Experts,
                         I have provided authorizations for 0Profit_ctr (Hierarchy) in RSSM,
maintained a role in PFCG, assigned the User that role in SU01 and then publised the query in to that role.
                                    Now when i run the query in BEx entering the variable name (i.e. SOUTHZONE, on which the hierarchy in restricted), then i'm not getting any data, and if i enter apart from SOUTHZONE then there is no message saying that there is NO AUTHORIZATON.
This is happening for 0PCA_C01(Profit Center Accounting) cube, and the query name is ZPCA_C01_q0003.
                                                  I heard from my Colleague that there are some basis setting to be done for BI-BCS or i have missed any step. Please help i'm facing trouble with this. Please help.
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Did you see this document?Or else,please check this
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    Hi SDN Experts,                          I have provided authorizations for 0Profit_ctr (Hierarchy) in RSSM, maintained a role in PFCG, assigned the User that role in SU01 and then publised the query in to that role.                                  

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