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Audition crashes when attempting to export.

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Hello there. I'm using Adobe Audition CS6 on a Macbook Pro OSX. I'm trying to export a multitrack project out to a .wav file (or any file really at this point). Everytime that I try to export it I get an error message saying "Audition has encountered a fatal error and needs to shut down". I have also tried bouncing the project out and encountered the same problem. I went through some steps with an Adobe representative and cleaned out my cache files, renamed the libarary folder, as well as tried every single bounce and export setting in the software and yet I keep coming up with the same message. I even tried turning off and turning back on my computer just to be thorough and I have yet to find a solution.
Can anyone help please?

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I'm not an Adobe expert... but I play one on PC.
I have had some workaround success (not by definition a true fix as all the factors aren't documented or verified -- but hey I have a working theory and I was able to get "Adobe Audition CS6 5.0 build708" to stop crashing on the mixdown operation as is described in this thread) [Spoiler: For my PC, .NET was the issue]
Little background info:
I've been a level1 and a midrange engineer primarily in break fix, compatibility testing and a good bit of ITSEC (currently: Technical Coordinator)
OS i fixed the issue on: Windows8 (I suspect this will apply to Win7 and god forbid you are using it, but also Vista), i'm familiar and run Mountain Lion but unfortunately for the purpose of this thread; I only use Protools on that system (sorry Adobe.) -- And further this fix will definitely not apply to Mac (but that doesn't mean it wont leave clues to that issue)
Plain and SImple: I had the same panic attack experinced by others as I had a basically complete multi-track project mixed and all ready to export to lossless format -- and Adobe would crash "unexpectedly" (ironically it did it so much that I fully expected it) at the point in which I would try to execute an export. All other functions seemed fine except any form of export. I assumed because of this it was an issue with the Adobe software and I ended up here to no success.
My Issue turned out to be with "Microsoft .Net"; I examined my .NET features (control panel>> programs and features >> "turn Windows features on/off"). I had these versions tuned on:
Microsoft .NET 2.0
Microsoft .NET 3.0
Microsoft .NET 4.5
(your .NET features may not have these same builds, but it is the same idea; and sometimes you'll see .NET 3.0 maintaining earlier versions within itself -- but that's neither here nor there in respect to this issue).
I turned them all off (unchecked all three and accepted the changes "OK"). After which I went back into the "turn Windows features on/off" menu and turned on Microsoft .NET 4.5 (in the case of your PC I would have only turned on whatever the latest build was -- the higest number). I accepted those changes; rebooted my machine... opened Audition, and boom, bang like magic my exports worked perfectly in every format I attempted.
It should be noted that I was comfortable turning off previous versions of .NET because I know I don't run any sotwares that require an older version, there for I choose to isolate my .NET issues to a single version to deal with. You may be running softwares that require these earlier versions to be active in which case I would still have turned them all off originally, but I would have turned them all back on and tested for success (more realistically I would have ran with only the latest version turned on and exported my mixdown -- then proceeded with any other troubleshooting).
Stickier .NET scenarios:
-You determine that all installed versions of .NET are damaged, corrupted, or not present (i've seen all of the above)... Damaged or Corrupted (any scenario where it's all present but not functioning even after the above attempts), you would be attempting a .NET repair... if there is simply no versions as late as 3.0 present; you would go to and download an .NET exe file to install from.
-If repair doesn't work on your damaged or corrupted files; you would then probably find yourself performing a manual uninstall, followed by a fresh installation.
In the case of have to perform a repair or manual uninstall/install Microsoft has some pretty intuitive walkthroughs @ here is a kb from them that gets into the basics of both operations:
I hope this helps at least a single person get their project exported, and away from that panic attack.
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