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Attaching Movie Clips at runtime from library

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Dear All,
I have 6 different clips in Library with the Linkage class
given to following names: Class: mc0, mc1, mc2, mc3, mc4, mc5, mc6,
And I want to attach these clips dynamically at run time
using the for loop in AS3.0:
For( var i=0; i<6; i++)
What should be the code for this at runtime attachment?
Sridhar B

The Best Answer

I looked to see if I could find a way to do this, and
convinced myself it's not possible. If it's important to do this in
a loop (I can't imagine why, but maybe you have a reason) you may
wish to add them explicitly with addChild(mc1) etc but locating
them "off stage" then you can reference them with this["mc"+i] in a
loop to change their coordinates to put them on stage.