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Apps keep changing by themselves

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
First, no, I do not have any boxes checked in the App Store System Preference.
Almost daily now, little things change in various apps. TextEdit and Preview, for example, have suddenly - each on separate days - taken to showing previously used windows when they open. That is, the apps will have windows from prior uses showing when opened again - old text files and images respectively.
I had used a solution from this site to stop Mail from always grabbing focus when another of several apps were terminated. That lasted for an hour or so.
Is there any way that apps, or system files, can be updated without my having initiated the action? Can I check somewhere to see what updates have occurred over time?

The Best Answer

To be clear, when I say 'save', I mean select the 'Move To' Message menu pick. Further, the issue in question is the appearance (or not ) of an additional pick on the Message menu, to wit, Move to {folder name} Again ... And in all cases, in all tests, the folder named in the Move To process was the same one.
There is only one other user - my wife, who is afraid to even empty the trash. I did the test in that account as well, and it functioned the same as on my own account. On to the suggested Safe mode test.
Prior to shutting down, I had sent myself a test message, retrieved the mail, selected that message in the Inbox, pulled down the Message menu, and noted that the 'again' message pick was not there. I left that message in the Inbox and restarted in Safe mode. Then I selected the leftover message, pulled down the Message menu, and the 'again' pick was not there. I left the message in the Inbox.
Then I restarted normally, did the same sequence, and the 'again' pick was still missing. Hmmm. I sent myself a second test message, went through the process again, saving first the leftover message (no 'again' pick showed), and then the new second message (the 'again' pick had returned). So one thing I discovered was that the 'again' pick does not survive a restart, for whatever that's worth.
Then, realizing that there was another case, I started all over again. In Safe mode I created, sent, retrieved, and saved two messages in that one session. The behavior was as I have described - no 'again' pick while saving the first, 'again' reappeared for the second save.
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