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Applications folder out of order

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Every day I organize my applications folder by name automatically and some how it keeps unorganizing itself in the first row by the next day. It is quite annoying. There are apps on top of eachother. And it is always the same apps. (I know Address Book is always one of the ones on top). Why is this and can I fix it?

The Best Answer

I know that my previous response was a bit cheeky, but I only use icon view for the Desktop. Everything else, including stacks, is in list view. I just don't like eye-candy. One thing you can try to do is remove the .DS_Store file inside the Applications folder. Close the Applications folder, copy & paste this command, hit the return key, and quit the
*rm /Applications/.DS_Store*
Reopen the Applications folder and set it up the way you want. Restart to see if it holds.