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Applet looses its focus in IE

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Hello, all!
I working with applet that will be used as a simple code editor with highlighting of different programming languages.
This applet based on JTextPane wrapped in JScroll pane. When I test this applet with java applet viewer - all works fine, but now I embedded my applet into html page and try to test it in "live" conditions using IE browser.
When I press TAB key inside of JTextPane the appled looses its focus instead of simply insert an indent as it should be.
Interesting, that this problem reproduces only under IE (in Firefox it works properly).
Maybe someone knows how to workaround this problem?
I'll be very thankfull for answers!
With best regards,

The Best Answer

Thanks for all who participated in resolving of my problem. It's eventually has been resolved by myself.
The solution was very complicated and looks like unskilful workaround, but it was one, which really helped.
So now I just want to describe it, maybe someone else will faced the similar problem.
First I added to main class of applet following public method (for manual handling of tab key):
public void handleTab() throws Exception{
     Document doc = textPane.getDocument();
     doc.insertString(textPane.getCaretPosition(), "\t", null);
     textPane.setCaretPosition(textPane.getCaretPosition() + 1);
}After that I simply can invoke this method from JScript. So my wrapping page can be like this:
<APPLET CODEBASE="." ARCHIVE="editor.jar" CODE="editor.applet.EditorApplet.class" NAME="editor" WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480" MAYSCRIPT >
<INPUT name="stub1" type=text onfocus="editor.handleTab();" style="position:absolute; top:100; left:100;">
<INPUT name="stub2" type=text onfocus="stub1.focus();" style="position:absolute; top:150; left:100;">
</HTML>I know, this looks little bit strange, so let me clearify some details and aspects of IE behavior.
- When I press TAB, focus goes to "stub1" input box, which invokes 'editor.handleTab' immediately. But inspite of focus was grabbeg back by applet (invoking textPane.grabFocus()), it is ALSO REMAIS IN BROWSER in inputbox. So when I press TAB again, focus moves not to "stub1" again, but to the next flow control "stub2". So in this case "stub2" must return the focus to "stub1". It is like chain reaction ;-)
- both input box stubs has an absolute positioning and simply hidden under the applet, so all these manipulations are invisible for end-user of applet and looks like 100%-natural behavior of any editable text area.
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