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Apple TV v6.0 Lockup and Lost Rental

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I rented a movie on my Apple TV which has version 6.0 firmware.  About 90 minutes into the movie, playback abruptly stopped and the apple TV software locked up.  I had to hard-reboot the Apple TV to regain control of it (move the cursor).  I was unable to resume playing the movie so I confirmed my network had internet access but rebooted all network devices anyway, with no success.  After repeated attempts I was unable to resume playing the movie and the "Check for Rentals" function was unable to find my existing rental, it never returned any resutls.

The Best Answer

The next day, but before the 24 hour rental expired, the "Check for Rentals" funtion still failed to return any results.  So I updated the Apple TV's 6.0 firmware to the very latest 11A502, (compared to the old 11A470e version) and it still failed to find my rental.
I contacted iTunes for a rental refund and am awaiting a reply.
A rotten apple taste is left behind when one gets their entire family together to watch a movie and halfway through it technical issues halt the entertainment for the evening.