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Apple needs to fix it or give support to those that own their products

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I have been working all day to resolve that the new version of itunes doesn't recognize my Ipod nano g4.  I have re-re-tried all problem solving steps on ipod trouble shooting. Evidently many are in the same bind.  I did  read that the 10.1 itunes had an unpublished problem-so they came up with 10.4.1 to correct it.  So I installed it… I only wanted to add some songs to my ipod.  It works fine. Except itunes will not recognize it.   It would seem the manufacturers’ software has made it so many can’t use their products the way they were meant to be used and they have left quite a few of us in the wake of their mistake with out support for the product they sold us…no explanation or help as most of us owners of the older models time of tech support is expired   Good customer service means a company will stand behind their product – with all I have read today I feel sure they are aware of the problem they have caused.  Try acting like a company that doesn’t have a captured audience!

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I know I am not talking to Apple. When I put my serial # and model # I found there is no support it has expired.  I am hopeful that if enough have the problem and it is stated they will fix it .  I have no other way to communicate with this company ( that I have found)  if you know a way I would be grateful