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Aperture not syncing with iPhone, iLife, iTunes, etc

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The problem: Aperture isn't syncing.  I thought this was an iPhone problem, but apparently, it's a system wide thing.  Let me explain:
I'm running Aperture 3.2, but I've had this problem for a while now - probably since upgrading to Lion.
In Aperture, I have a smart album that contains any photo I've rated five stars.  Currently, there are 180 photos in it.  In iTunes, I've selected to sync certain things from Aperture to my iPhone.  If I click on that 5 Star smart album, it only shows that there are 21 photos.  Huh?  So, as a test, I opened iPhoto (which I never use).  In the File menu, I clicked "Show Aperture Library" and I selected my 5 Star smart album.  Sure enough, iPhoto only sees 21 photos in there.  But if I click over to Aperture, I see that smart album contains 180 images.
What's going on here?
I should also note that a search of the forums here at Apple support show lots of people have been having similar problems, but most only notice they're missing photos when they sync their iPhone.  Clearly, the problem is deeper than that.  Aperture sees 180 photos in my 5 Star smart album.  iTunes, iPhoto and my iPhone are only able to sync 21 of them?
And how weird is this?  In Aperture, I have a smart album of shots that were taken with my iPhone and rated 3 stars or higher.  There are 115 shots in that smart album.  iTunes and iPhoto only see 38.
Somewhere, for whatever reason, Aperture is telling the rest of the system that it has far fewer images than it does.  How do I figure out where the problem is and how do I fix it?

The Best Answer

Thanks to Jalpuna
Your workaround worked for me to until I started to use Aperture to adjust photos in several projects in Aperture. After that, Photos were missing again on my iOS devices etc., and I couldn't imagine the process on making new previews for all my 25.000 photos once again. My old MBP is just too slow.
I had to see if I could find a workaround to work with only the adjusted photos which looked as the ones missing after syncing to the iOS devices (or at least just the project in which the adjusted photos are).
This example works for me for the time being:
Usually a project (let's call it "XYZ") with newly imported photos have the same number of photos in Aperture and in the event with the same name XYZ on an iOS device.
If not all photos sync between Aperture and iOS (usually after adjusting photos in Aperture), I use this process, which I found out to use after adjusting several photos:
When I adjust a photo I let Aperture automatically make the adjustments in a new version and let the versions stay in a stack.
I make sure to change the rating for all the other photos in the stack to x (9) (i.e. except the version I want on my iOS devices - yes only one and the same versions goes to all the iOS devices, I sync via iTunes).
After rating be sure to use the pick function on the version you want on your device (the version rated higher than x (9) - which means that the wanted version "goes to the top of the stack".
Now view "unrated or better" (which means your x (9) rated photos won't show)
The process from here seems to work also if by any other reason photos won't show up on the iOS device.
Choose a project, all the photos in a project or just the photos missing in iOS, and delete the previews
Then generate thumbnails - this could take some time and for sure it takes time. At least if you need to do it with thousands of photos.
Close Aperture when all the new thumbnails and previews are generated.
Open iTunes and sync your iOS device. I think it works best (fastest) with the cable, but I think it should work via WiFi-sync too.
It is **** of a workaround, but it is the only way I can get all the right photos on my iOS devices after adjusting photos in Aperture.
The next coming up must be how to manage to sync back to Aperture the photos adjusted in iPhoto on the iOs devices:-)
Note: Any adjustments made to a version seems not to be deleted when deleting previews, but is kept and put back on a new generated preview.