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[Apache 2] Critical error mod_rewrite: Could not set permissions on rewrite

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
Well I had a look around to this problem and it seems it is specific to mac os system on intel machines, so I send my post here.
I had installed the apache 2 server from and it seems to start. However it is impossible to log into my local website with an error in my web browser "can't log to "localhost" server".
By reading the logs I got in /Library/Apache2/logs/error_log (where there is also a file): [crit] (14)Bad address: mod_rewrite: Could not set permissions on rewriteloglock; check User and Group directives Configuration Failed
So, I commented the line "LoadModule rewrite_module modules/" in /Library/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf with no efffect at all.
Then I don't know what to do.... any idea please ?
NB : I did not configure or set any htaccess file in any directory.

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denis_4l wrote:
Well, I had tried several ways among others MAMP. With, MAMP, I experienced some problems running MySQL and or Apache server.
If you'd like help, you need to describe the specific problems you're having. You're not giving people here much to go on in order to be able to help. Without knowing what you've already tried, and what the results were, it's impossible to say if you've just made a simple mistake or if you've truly hit upon something that won't work. The Apache logs are especially helpful, with lots of detailed information to help in troubleshooting.
To say the true, I bought this Macbook because the system kernel is 100% compatible with Linux, and I was full of naives hopes, thinking that I will install/compile easily softwares that are usual under Linux world.....
I certainly haven't had much problem compiling and installing software that's distributed as source code, though I haven't tried to compile Apache. While it's true that much of the software will compile, it's also true that you might have to make some small changes here and there to the source code to get it to work correctly. But you might also have to do the same thing to get them to compile on different Linux distributions. So OS X isn't that different in that respect.
If you want to get Apache 2 running with MAMP, post back with specific information on what problems you had and I'll try to help. I've been hacking at Apache installations for many years now, so if I know the problems you're having, there's a good chance I've been through them, too.