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An old game with no uninstaller, here for good? oh, no.

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i have an old (1998) game called carmageddon 2. i bought it and installed it a couple of months ago. since then, ive beaten it many times and am now sick of playing it and i want it off. so, i look to uninstall it and there is no uninstaller. i checked all the files that come on the disk that the game came on. so, i look to see if interplay who made the game can help. i think they've gone out of business, for they havent replied to my emails and thier website looks as though they stopped updating it a long long time ago. so am i stuck with this game? its like a wart thats taking up useful space. is there anyway of wiping this stuff off of my computer?
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HI, SB. If the file is merely locked, that won't prevent you from putting it into the Trash, and holding down the Option keey when emptying the Trash will dispose of it. If the error message is that the file is "locked or in use", the file may be open or in use by other software, in which case you can't move it to the Trash. Try this: boot to a CD — any bootable CD or DVD will do — and then try moving the file to the Trash and emptying it.
If even that doesn't work, your hard disk directory is probably damaged and needs to be repaired. Boot to your latest OS Installer CD or DVD and open Disk Utility. Run the Repair Disk routine repeatedly until you've gotten two successive "Appears OK" verdicts from it. Then trash the file and empty the Trash.
If you can't get a clean bill of health from Disk Utility, you'll need to use a more powerful disk utility such as DiskWarrior or TechTool Pro to make the necessary repairs.