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Always curier font on HP Laserjet 2550 PCL6

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Hi Everybody,
I have a problem with HP LaserJet 2550 PCL6 printers, which are always printing text in Curier, even if my designed document always uses "ARIAL (W1)" font.
The graphic layout (boxes) is correct, but the text is not printed with the proper font.
I'm using the standard "hplj4" presentment target driver, which works with any other HP printer.
I tried a generic PCL6 driver, with no results.
Any ideas?

The Best Answer

It sounds like your "presentment target" setup is very similar to ours (a printer as the default and PDF as a secondary). Doing the form on version 5.5 and sending it to version 5.6 should not be affecting the output. At least it doesn't for me with the opposite set up (develop on 5.6 and deploy to 5.5).
If you are referring to the list of fonts that are selected when you click on "Font Setup" within the Presentment Target dialog then that does not necessarily mean they are available on the actual printer you are sending the print to. That list effectively determines what "include" statements are in the .ICS file.
If you are referring to what you can see when actually openning up the properties for an actual Windows printer then I would think that they are available on the printer as long as the proper driver was installed. In this case, do the settings indicate "Don't Substitute"? Actually, it doesn't matter what the settings are within the driver because the print agent doesn't use the Windows driver.
Can you print to that printer using Arial from other software (such as Word)?
FYI - I've had problems that were associated with which fonts I've selected as being available when using "Font Setup". The default list was resulting in a huge MDF file so I decided to trim it down to just the fonts we actually used. I don't remember exactly what happened but that resulted in problems. I started adding fonts back to the list until the problem went away. For some reason I needed to have one of the Wingding type of fonts available even though we did not use it. At one time we were using two different printers and to get correct output I had to specify a particular one as the default even though it wasn't our primary printer.