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Hi everyone!
I'm just curious about my albums in I actually creating duplicate photos that are taking up double the space? Or do the photos in my albums just point to the original file so no extra space is used? Thank you very much for your help...

The Best Answer

From the iPhoto help topic on albums -- Help is your friend
About photo albums
A photo album in iPhoto is just like one you create with paper and print photos: It’s a collection of photos you select from your library and arrange in the order you want.
iPhoto offers two kinds of albums: a standard one and a Smart Album. You create a standard album manually—that is, by choosing and placing particular photos. Standard albums are not automatically updated as your library changes.
Smart Albums are created based on criteria you choose, including Exchangeable Image File information, and are automatically updated as your library changes.
You can use either kind of album to chronicle a special occasion, such as a summer vacation, or display a particular subject, such as your favorite nature photos. You can also use albums to better organize your photo library, group the photos you want to burn to CD or DVD, or choose pictures for a webpage.
You can make as many albums as you like using any images from your photo library.<color=red> You can also include the same photo in several albums without making multiple copies of it.</color>
To further organize your library, you can group several albums into a single folder, such as several years of birthday albums or albums chronicling the camping trips you’ve taken.
placing a photo in an album simply creates a pointer - albums are purely logical and take up no additional space - no extra space is used even it you put a photo in hundreds of albums