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Albums in chronological order?

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Is there any way to get your albums in iTunes to go in chronological order instead of alphabetical (and also to get my iPod to sync this way?) Right now I have the album tags set so that it has the year before the album name (ie
"{2003} Interventions And Lullabies" and "{2006} Dog Problems") and it really is getting on my nerves. Any way I can fix this? Thanks

The Best Answer

It won't sync that way... I too thought of retagging all my albums, or using sort fields, but I still want them to come up in alphabetical order when I choose Album on my iPod.
What I want is to be go Artists-> Album -> Chronologically sorted albums by artist (there are few enough of these that I can figure out alphabetical order myself if i so choose)...
Anyone hear anything to do this?