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Airport Extreme (old style) connecting to Plusnet router?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I'm upgrading to fibreoptic. Can I connect the Plusnet technicolor router to my Airport Extreme & thus the existing wifi network?

The Best Answer

We are confused by the information in your post.
In the title, you state that the AirPort Extreme (old style) is connecting to a Plusnet router.
In your post, you ask if the Plusnet router can connect to the AirPort Extreme.
Which device is your "main" router at the present time? What will connect to what?
When you say that you have an "old style" AirPort Extreme, would that be the old "round" or "dome" shaped AirPort Extreme.....or.....would that be the old "square" shaped AirPort Extreme? The model is on the bottom of the AirPort Extreme......starts with an "A" followed by four numbers.......would be very useful.
You don't tell us what operating system that your Mac or PC is using. Can you provide that information?
If you have a Mac and do not know what operating system it is running, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then click About This Mac. Post back with the OS X Version number that you see there.