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Airport Base Station update has disconnected my internet

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
i recently updated my airport, during the installation i pressed change all to key chains, it said my internet might be temporarily unavailable however it never came back. I can no longer connect to the airport base station, or connect to my original network, whenever i try to access files to do with my network it says there is an error. i've gone through system preferences to try and reconnect but it wont allow it, i have also gone through airport utility but it just tells me to rescan.
thankyou for your help

The Best Answer

If all else fails, you might need to perform a soft or hard reset to factory defaults, then you have to set everything up again, but it might restore it to working condition.
Not sure if this is the model base station that you have:
check the user guide that came with it, in case the procedure may be different.
I hope that helps.
When I bought an "open-box" unit, the device was already set up by someone else with a password, and the hard reset allowed me to start from scratch so I could configure it.