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Air 2.7 update issue

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Hi all
Been using a very useful desktop app called Rightmove - for searching property listings.
It has stopped working, and I'm wondering if it's since Air updated itself to 2.7. The app hangs on the opening screen and that's it. Have tried everything, including full clean up and reinstall, rolling back to earlier versions (2.5 and 2.6) of Air but no luck, it just won't work and I NEED IT! Was fine for months up until recently. Running Windows 7 Home Premium. I have the same issue with my netbook, running W7 Starter.
Here's the Installation log.....oh....was going to paste it here, now I can't see how to that or to attach a text file! Help!

The Best Answer

Hi HelBel65,
It may be related with some data corruption in local data for your application. We've heard that local data can be corrupted when updating application version but AIR team haven't ever been able to reproduce internally.
Can you try to delete following folder after making a backup copy somewhere in different location?
[this is my case of file path so change bold part as appropriate]
C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Roaming\com.rightmove.rmdesktop.303FAAB8E16C565CA4B74422796CD427470CE949.1
It is better to remove above folder after uninstall the application first. So the steps are:
1. uninstall application
2. uninstall Adobe AIR (just in case)
3. remove above folder
4. install Adobe AIR 2.7.1 (latest release)
5. install Rightmove application
If you still see same problem, please log a bug in this public bugbas so AIR team can investigate the issue you have.

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