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AE still crashing even after 12.1 update

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Hi all, my first post here,
I foolishly upgraded to Mavericks without backing-up. I know, don't say it.
Anyway, since then AE crashes on opening with this alert:
After Effects Alert
Last log message was: <4486488848> <DynamicLink> <5> /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC/Adobe After Effects
I tried the Mavericks patch when it came out - no luck and now I have the same problem after installing 12.1.
Any idea what's going on?
Mac Pro 4.1 8 core w/ 40gb ram and gtx285 card

The Best Answer

UPDATE: I went to Matrox and installed their newest drivers and now all is good.
Great work Adobe, Matrox and Apple for staying on the same page with this. I'm sure it wasn't easy.