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Adobe forms and interactive forms

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Hi Friends,
I am new to adobe forms. Can anybody explain in detail-
1) Why Adobe forms instead of smartforms.
2) Main use of Adobe forms.
3) How to become master in this technlogy.

The Best Answer

Why Adobe forms instead of smartforms.
In US Under section 58 will say all the printing documents(forms) should be accessible by the blind people, so that is the reason SAP has been integrated with Adobe. So we can access adobe designer using the tcode SFP. After you develope a adobe form output by using JAWS software imapaired (blind) people can access the output. Access in the sense that software will read the contents in the output.
Main use of Adobe forms.
Once you activate the ADobe form system will generate the function modue, thouse function module you can call in the print program. so that pdf form will call and appropriate output will generate.
In adobe forms we dont have windows concept, instead we have master pages,body pages, with the help of data xml file you can get the output it means no need to execute the printporgram.
You can write the condition adobe form itself
if it is master page select the event as layout ready and run at client
if it is body page select the event as form ready and run at client
You can get the lot of information in sdn regarding adobe forms
Ramakrishna Pathi
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