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Adobe CC Sign in Loop

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I ordered Adobe CC a couple of days ago, using the educational package -- for which I certainly qualify. With great excitement, I downloaded and installed Desktop CC, and right away got to work installing the apps that I'd be needing (Mainly Illustrator, Photoshop, as well as Premiere and After Effects) along with some other apps I thought would be interesting to get to know. On my first launch, I was asked to sign-in with my Adobe ID, so I did and I agreed to the T&C's when prompted and then finally got into Illustrator! After messing around and getting used to the bump from CS6 to CC I closed Illustrator out and wanted to move onto After Effects since I've been curious about it for a while. When I launched it, I, again, was asked to agree to the T&C's and to sign in, just like before. Except, now, When I hit the 'continue' button that should launch the Adobe App, I was looped back around to the first screen asking me to sign-in. I shrugged it off and figured that It was because I hadn't restarted after an install or something, and since it was late I turned off my computer to try again in the morning. Much to my dismay, the problem persisted -- constantly looping me back around to the beginning of the licensing process. I tried some other apps and I didn't seem to be able to load any except for Reflow. Naturally, I took to Google and the Forums to find a cure for the problem, and I did, indeed, find many solutions, but none of which worked. I've restarted my PC, I've reinstalled CC, I've used the cleaner to remove everything Adobe and then gone in manually and tinkered around with settings, and folders (often being the OOBE thing). I've dropped firewalls, raised them, reset permissions and yet nothing seems to be working.
Around the 3rd day of this, I got some different results! I had decided to see what would happen if I signed in with a second Adobe ID that did not have CC installed. I used my school email to sign in and it started up a trial mode! I found a lot of resources for fixing that problem too -- but no solutions that worked for me. I naturally had my language settings in English (North America) since I'm from the U.S. but have tried English (International) too.
I'm running a Toshiba Satellite
i7 2.4GHz - 8 Core
8Gb Ram
Windows 8 - 64 Bit
HD Intel Graphics  4000
Here is an image set that goes through the different windows in order, to help explain what my issue is:This is what I see when I click on an app to launch. (It always says 30)
When I click "Licence this software" I get this.
This is what appears after I hit the "Sign In" button. When I click "continue" the whole loop begins again. In-between this image, and the one above, the window turns grey with a white box inside and the loading circle briefly.
Any suggestions?

The Best Answer

Hi Niwdoog1,
We apologies for the inconvenience.
I think it's due to insufficient permission on Adobe licensing folders.Your subscription is not activated yet. Please rename the OOBE folder from C:\Users\unser name\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE and check permisson on below folders. 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe
Let us know if it works.