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Adjusting how long a still is displayed in iMovie 08

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Good evening all,
I'm a complete newbie to iMovie, and I'm trying to create a movie for a forthcoming presentation. I've got a still of Winston Churchill that I want to display whilst one of his quotes plays. I've imported an image, and the audio from one of his quotes. The trouble is when I play the movie the audio only lasts for 5 seconds. How can I make the still run for the length of the audio.

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I don't have a MacPro so don't know if additional internal drives are treated differently to Firewire/USB drives, but provided a USB2 or Firewire drive is formatted as a Mac OS Extended (journaled) partition, it appears in the Event library as a drive.
I would assume that appropriately formatted internal drives would behave similarly.
When you go to import video you are asked for a save location and can select the drive from there if you don't want to use the boot disc.
The main limitation is that the iMovie Events folder gets created in the top level/root folder of the drive - you can't specify where to put it.
It's obvious if you know (which I didn't) but from within iMovie you can drag and drop events from one iMovie Events folder to another. Basically, drag the Event onto the new location's disc icon - the advantage of doing this over a manual Finder darg and drop is that any Projects are updated with the change in Event location.
If you drag an Event onto another it gives you an option to merge, which is why you need to drop it onto the drive icon.