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ADF vs RichFaces

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what do you think about ADF vs RichFaces to connect with EJB3.

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* ADF-config.xml the designer when they are no longer shows many views flows
I don't know what you did, but we have a huge project and that one never failed. Anyway, there's still the source mode and this is not linked to ADF Faces so it's by no mean something relevant in an ADF Faces - Richfaces comparison
* You can not do without preventing rollback error messages business rules in the database are lost (I saw the need to put an Undo button).
That is an ADFm, again not linked to ADF Faces and thus irrelevant in an ADF Faces - Richfaces comparison.
* The IDE shows java error every 10 minutes.
IDE issue, not linked to ADF Faces, again irrelevant in the comparison.
* The IDE does not compile correctly caundo changes made on several occasions.
See above.
Just a sea of bugs that could spend the afternoon describing. I do not think "small minor bugs."
Simon Lessard Rich Faces do not use because I would do if I am not forced to use ADF: D: D Rich patches faces at least its major bugs so that users can continue using it, but ADF patch when it comes out? could answer? until that time my enterprise application die:).
Actually, if you have the right support level from Oracle (paid), you can get critical patches outside the JDeveloper release cycle and, as I thought, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or so it looks. Until you have used a product to deliver the same grade of application, assuming that it's bug free is mostly a mix of fantasy, magical and wishful thinking.
That being said, I'm not saying your IDE issues are unimportant, it's just that they are not linked at all to ADF Faces which is the ADF competitor of Richfaces. You could create an application using ADF Faces and Facelets in Eclipse, Netbean or IntelliJ without any problem, so that your "bugs" wouldn't haunt you. You are mixing apples and oranges... and venting out frustration from your work imho.
~ Simon
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