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Address book entries don't sync to iPhone

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
There appears to be a category of entries in my Address Book that don't sync to my iPhone 4S.  Instead of having the word "Work" or "Home" in front of the email address, it contains "email 1", "email 2", etc.  Editing the item doesn't reveal "Work" or "Home".  Any ideas on how to fix this?

The Best Answer

Those contacts probably live in a Microsoft Exchange address book.
Click on the red "book mark" in Address Book to display the lists of contacts in the left-hand page, and see if you have an Exchange server configured (it would show up under an "On My Mac" section, with a name configured in Address Book preferences).
You can either configure your iPhone to communicate with the Exchange server, or drag those contacts into the "All on My Mac" category (or another contact group on your Mac).
Hope this helps!