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Adding movies to apple tv form external disk

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I want to be able to add a movie to Itunes from my external disk and then to apple tv, without erasin what has been added in the past but is not in itunes any more.
The memory in my computer is limited and my movies are all in a external disk. when I add a new movie to apple tv, the ones taht are allready on apple tv are erase automatically because I no longer have them in itunes.
how do I add movies withour ersing?

The Best Answer

you need to keep pressing the option key on your keyboard while you drag & drop the content. do not release the option key until you are sure iTunes is just indexing the files. for example, when i add a music track in that fashion, iTunes says +analyzing volume+ ...
another option would be to uncheck +copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library+ in preferences > advanced. now you could use the regular +add to library+ command from the file menu. you will just have to remember to re-enable this option when you want to add new content to your internal library.
for movies already copied to the library, and which you want on the external:
go preferences > advanced and point iTunes' location to the external. select the movies in iTunes and right-click on the selection. choose +consolidate selection+ from the pop-up menu. when the move is done, point iTunes' location back to the internal and make sure the movies where indeed copied to the external. if so, you can delete the duplicate movie files from the internal.